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How to Find and Replace Project-wide in Vim

April 13, 2018

The problem

Sometimes one finds themselves with a need to search and replace some text throughout many places in a project. This often happens during a refactor, or when you made a mistake with a CLI code generator (like rails scaffold), and you accidentally misspell something.

In most modern IDEs, “find and replace all” is pretty simple - highlight the text, Ctrl-Shift-F, enter the new text, and hit enter. As you know, Vim does things a little differently.

You probably are already aware of how to find and replace all text within a file: : %s/text/newText/g - “within this file, find all instances of text, and replace it with newText.”

But doing so in multiple files at once with just one or two commands has proven difficult until Vim 7.4.8 released the :cdo and :cfdo commands. NeoVim with FZF and Ag makes it even easier.

The solution


  1. Make sure you’re using Neovim (or Vim 7.4.8+, but really just use Neovim)
  2. Install FZF for the command line and as a vim plugin
  3. Install Ag, so that it’s available automatically to FZF in vim
  4. If using iTerm2 on OSX, set the alt/option key to Esc+


  1. Search the text you want to change in the current directory and it’s children with :Ag text
    • Keep typing to fuzzy filter items
  2. Select items with alt-a
    • Deselect items with alt-d
    • Tab and Shift-Tab will toggle individual items in the list
  3. Enter will populate the quickfix list
  4. :cfdo %s/text/newText/g | :w will substitute all instances of text with newText that you have selected, and save each file.
  5. Rejoice.
    • You can also make a macro to do cool stuff with :cfdo rather than just substitution like :cfdo {doCoolStuff} @a

Thanks to Github user @trevordmiller for tips on this.